AI Commands for teammate AI doesn't work well

Let me start by saying I love the idea here, that you can play with a computer teammate and tell it what to do. However, in my experience just now I didn’t think it worked well at all. I just played with a Goth teammate, and was giving him lots of resources and he was booming in castle age when his aztec opponent attacked him with eagles and the other opponents came in with knights. At the time my Goth teammate had exclusively crossbows, which got destroyed, so I used commands 60 “prepare to make a large army, I’ll give you res” and 72 (focus on making infantry) because he’s Goth and I wanted to see longswords and pikes to stop the enemies. Sadly, he kept making crossbows, didn’t even make any infantry. Eventually I used 56 (make counter units) and it started making some pikemen, but by then it was way too late. So maybe 72 is just broken?

I also used command 50 (build a fortification on the flare), which worked decently, as my teammate made a tower where I flared. However he was Castle age, had 3 TCs already, I was sending him stone, and he still didn’t have a castle so I was really hoping he’d make a castle with that command. Especially since huskarls are such a good unit. I wonder if there should be a command to “make a castle” vs make a fortification?

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