AI Consulate Switching Missing

AI doesn’t switch consulates or research all important technologies, skipping some technologies entirely. for example the Japanese AI does not research or use the the livestock pen, which is an easy fix and greatly improves its ability to fill empty shrines. the Chinese AI also doesn’t always research forts.

AI in general focus on completing technologies for a specific flag before switching, ending with either the British or Japanese allies as they have the most useful late game units and passives. the bonus to stats is helpful where pop limit is the biggest limiting factor and pop efficiency the most valuable. also should avoid making consulate grenadiers.

for example, in land maps after researching all the Spanish technologies, Japanese AI should switch to Dutch consulate. then after it is done with the Dutch consulate switch to the Japanese consulate and stay there unless it desires a specific brigade with a temporary switch.

its easy to create a simple switch method by setting an initial flag and checking if technologies are obtainable, but creating a complex system where the AI isn’t set on rails and chooses flags based on game factors is complex and requires a real coders skills such you guys.

here is an example of simple on rails flag switch with working Japanese shrine goats.
example ai consulate.txt (27.3 KB)

the royal church monitor is also similarly lacking, with various missing techs including totally for the swedes.

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