AI crashes the game(Armor)

Hello, I am 经济. A moder. I want to report a bug.
In the latest version.(steam)
We had a lot of problems with AI. These problems are mostly caused by armor, and the higher the armor, the more likely the game will crash, especially with dou-armor units.
At the same time, the Chinese or Japanese interface is more prone to flash back than English, which we think may be due to 3DE’s problems in calling translated text.
Please solve these problems as soon as possible. Thank you very much.

Hi. Do you think you can provide some more details about this? What kind of error exactly is it that you’re seeing? Thanks for taking the time to report this to us.

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Thank you very much.

Now we think there are two main reasons.

One is armor, which in the original game could go over 100 armor, but in DE the game will crash at 99 armor, and units with 60 or more armor will crash as well. If the unit happens to be a dou-armor unit, the problem is even worse.

The second problem is stealth units. In Age of Empires iii, some of the auras (such as the Victory Tower in India) were implemented by placing an invisible unit in the aura. We found this invisible unit to crash the game. In particular, we had some units in our mod that were buffing nearby friendly units when they died, and the sudden appearance of invisible characters could easily crash the game.

After we observe. In player battles, these problems are less common, while in AI battles, the game crashes more frequently due to the high volume of AI operations.