AI deleting gates crashes the game

Game Version:

  • Build (32508)
  • Platform (Steam)


With the new taunt 69 you can let your teammate AI delete an object at the flared location. However, if you issue that command on a gate, the AI will not delete the gate completely but just its inner part and the game crashes because of this inconsistency.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Start a multiplayer game with an AI as ally.
  2. Let the AI build a wall around its town (do not remember the exact taunt).
  3. Flare a gate of the wall that the AI just built.
  4. Issue the taunt 69 to request the AI to delete the gate.
  5. See the AI not deleting the gate completely.
  6. See the game crash to desktop.

Watch T90Official’s Youtube video at the given time closely to recognize the issue:

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Thank you for the report, we’re now tracking this issue! :slight_smile:

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