AI glitch/bug on wetlands

Hello age 4 players and devs (new maps are sooo dope devs yeeewww) So Me HRE vs Mongols ai hardest on wetlands the enemy ai didn’t build anything it was like the ai went AFK, it moved the scout around the map and collected sheep but that’s it. every time i start a game on wetlands the ai wont build or do anything.

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Thank you for reporting @DarthRevanNizmo! Any chance you have map info for this?

i didn’t get map seed (sorry) was wetlands micro size 1v1 all i can say it the mongols will not build or do anything on wetlands. i have made a few games me hre vs mongols 1v1 wetlands and the mongols never do anything. its only bugged on wetlands for me atm. Will try today and make a few matches to see.