Ai has been increased?

Maybe is just me playing too tired After work, but im having more troubles in defeating the ai even at medium, hard. Before i was winning easy even at very hard.

You can read all of the AI changes here


I got scared a few times when I saw the AI’s behavior. hahahaha

I noticed that the AI improved its behavior. In general, it is more aggressive and forms good groups of units and also changes its strategy quickly.

At the moment I have won every time. I play on the hardest (without the AI having the economic bonuses).

If the AI has a good economy, and you don’t kill it quickly… the AI will change its tactics and adapt more quickly to your attacks… I found this part very fun, but it will be dangerous if you insist on one tactic simplicity.

I’m having fun now. Over time you get the hang of it.

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Amazing! Now i understand whyahah. Whats your main civ ? I mean what u play when u win

The ones I’ve been playing these last few days were:

  • Byzantines
  • Delhi Sultanate
  • Mongols

The enemies, I tested with all the new civilians and the variants. However, I noticed that the AI plays better with some specific ones, and others it plays in a “weaker” way.

Umh, i understand! Well i had a match vs the english and the ai were crazy! Rushed me with tons of archers and sieges xD
About the new civ/variants… i tested a little bit. Japan and bizant look amazing and very well done, graphic as well.
Variants i dunno, too many things to test at the Moment. I tried joanne vs the gilded men and i go destroyed easily. Their troops are too strong