AI in Royal Rumble sends king to attack base


When playing Royal Rumble game mode vs AI in the current version of the game, the AI will send its king to attack your base, allowing it to be killed easily. The specific scenario I was in was:

AI difficulty: Hardest
AI civ: Mongols
Map: Boulder Bay
My civ: Mongols
All victory conditions
No tuning packs

I believe this probably occurs in other scenarios as well, as other players have also documented this bug, for example in this thread

Regicide against AI : aoe4 (


I confirm that the AI should be improved with this mod as I also encountered multiple bugs:

  • The AI often uses the king at the first attack! Screenshot enclosed of my ally attacking with his king, 2 foot soldiers and 3 archers…
  • When the king stays at base, he is not well protected: an ennemy built walls and let the king ouside the walls! Why not putting the king in garrison in the town hall at first?
  • The mongol ennemy never started. Screenshot enclosed where we see his score and town hall packed.

Thank you @Player936319171 and @FunnierRoom4182! This is something we are looking into.