AI in this game is a complete cheater from Moderate onwards

The AI can keep on amassing units, their villagers are runnign around trying to mine from the mines on my side, but nope they can still mass produce, I went to their base and saw it’s full of 4-5 castles. Where the heck is AI getting this much amount of resources?

I understand AI can click at all buildings all time and do research and production. The cheating level should be lowered, please.

The AI hardly does any damage but always keep sending troops, oN hard the only building AI makes is castles, they have like a entire IKEA of castles. This is just ridiculous.

Please do something about it. This is not fun at all, I find human players easier than the AI lol.

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The IA in the definitive edition doesn’t cheat


not only does the ai in definitive edition not cheat, but it plays at a pretty low skill level. 1k ELO players are capable of beating the extreme AI 1v1.

I’d analyze your gameplay, take a look at what you can improve, and learn from it.


Go to 1.41 to the answer on the question: does the AI cheat? The answer is no. It won’t get any extra resources.


if anything the ai is way too weak and needs to get buffed. if you are struggling against hard AI it is a sign you are a realy poor player and not that something needs to change in the game. no cheating takes place the ai just does things at a mediocer efficient rate which aperently compared to you apears like cheating.


Try employing a different strategy. Maybe you wait too long to attack the AI. Try attacking earlier.


yes I did that, I was waitng and doing fast castle. I think i should have sent a scout raid.

try attacking earlier. Get a barracks up on your way to Feudal Age. Send 3-4 on stone. Pump out militia with your starting gold (long distance mine 10 gold for 3rd militia). When you reach feudal, add some more villagers to gold for man-at-arms upgrade. Build a sneak tower behind the enemy woodline, (palisade) wall in the tower. Keep advancing with your towers. Use the militia/man-at-arms to protect your forward builders.

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at what time did you reached castle age, and with how many vils?

Try perfecting your build orders. I can defeat extreme AI fairly easy just with basic build orders (m@a into archers, scouts into knights…)
Here’s a video from my chanel on how to defeat the extreme AI. Anyways, the video is in portuguese, but still, just try to perfect your build orders.