AI in too much a hurry

I play 1vs1vs1vs1vs1 and all four attack me at the same time, with everything they have, no matter what score I have, becomes frustrating. In the standard or moderate game, I’m required to use the cheat code. Is there any way that the AI doesn’t focus on a single player? or some way to import the original AI of the RoR?

Are you making sure that Locked Teams is enabled? Because AIs can form alliances if you don’t and thus they will gang on you.

Really? i didn’t think they would do that :laughing: I will try.

It doesn’t matter if they are in different teams, AI always attacks one, it is unplayable :confused:

Not different teams, that is optional or putting them on team none. But lock teams.

There is an option on the second tab called “Lock Teams”.

this prevents all players (including AI) to change their diplomacy.

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Aaah! i will look again :laughing: