Ai is really easy to beat (even on hard 1v7)

As the title says they are super easy on even the hard difficulty. They only build themselves up but never attack or produce many troops (or they will literally make 5 troops max). I can kill them 1v7 it is so easy. Which is stupid cause then i put it put to the hardest difficulty and they destroy me no problem. So i played with my slot being the new ai and the ai keeps setting itself to superiority -3. i am assuming that is why they are so easy to beat cause when they get attacked they actually go up to superiority -1 and actually starts producing units. They still dont actually attack anyone though cause as soon as the enemy stops attacking they go back to -3. I cant be playing matches were theres no in between killing 7 of them on my own on hard and then getting destroyed completely by 1 civ on hardest. Even the new AI gets its butt kick by the HD ai. ■■■■ ive ran the game for 8 hours with my slot even being the AI and i went back to check on them at the 8 hour mark and not one civ was destroyed or even that damaged. They were all just hanging out. Ive played it on multiple settings to. Besides upping the difficulty way past what i can handle nothing seems to work. Iv tried setting the population to 200 and the game seems to works alot better. The AI is aggressive (although i still dont feel like their really that aggressive on moderate). Or maybe its still messed up but at the 200 max pop mark it gets better when lowering the difficulty. Im not entirely sure what the issue is all i know for sure is that i can 1v7 an entire group of hard level AI cause they just wont attack me. And that putting them on the “hardest difficulty” seems to work but im not nearly good enough to take them on at hype aggressive. I dont even care to go up that high anyways. Me and my buddies like playing it on moderate (All three are experiencing it as well). So it kinda makes the game no fun cause its either no challenge at all or insanely hard.

Im playing on steam, this has been a problem in every version since release, i use windows ten.

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