AI Issues with new cards

Hey, does anyone play large matches with multiple AI allies or enemies? I do. And it has become an issue. France is unusable. The AI will do the French Revolution, but it won’t assign the san-cullotes to do any resource gathering at all (probably because they are actually tagged as infantry, not villager) and thus, AI France becomes a free kill. They will never upgrade to the Napoleonic era either. I did a real long, 60 minute treaty match with France as one of my AI enemies, and they went down to like 40 Chinese Exalted Steppe Riders. So France is just not selectable, so if I get them in the random personality for my AI enemy, or ally, they’re a wasted slot.

Japan is the same way, sometimes Japan will just be itself, and play. Other times it will use that new card the destroys their town centers and converts all villagers into masterless samurai. I wiped them all our with 20 Young Guard from the French consulate (as China).

The Dutch have a SIMILAR issue, they will do a revolution, the one that converts all their villagers into halberdiers, and their halberdiers will stand around “trying” to cut wood, or mine, or gather at a farm. HOWEVER, the AI is smart enough to make new villagers and in a treaty match, they will get their villagers back up and be a good threat.

I play on extreme difficulty, so it’s not a “just raise the difficulty so the AI gets better” thing. Has anyone else encountered this? Is this a bug? Or is this another thing that needs a hotfix? My last match was me as China, with Ottoman AI allies, against India and Japan, AI enemies, and Japan more or less killed itself and it become a 2 on 1, and it wasn’t really fun. I noticed at like the 23 minute mark, Japan’s score stopped and I sent a scout in to look and oops, all masterless samurai.

What do you guys think? Has anyone encountered this? Should I just not fight those civs on AI anymore, like stop doing random and specifically avoid France and Japan?


Thanks @ARSalerno3 we are looking into this.


halberdiers will stand around “trying” to cut wood, that’s so funny hahahahhahahaha

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Oh thank you. I tested the new update today, France will still stand around. The AI, on extreme, 60 minute treaty, they will advance normally, do the French Revolution, and the sansculottes will literally stand there and collect no resources and build no buildings. They did finally advance to the Napoleonic era, but it didn’t matter as they had no barracks, or anything, the sanscullotes will not even build for the AI.

The Dutch still have their issue of making doing that one revolution that makes all the villagers turn into Halberdiers, but at least they will replace them with villagers.

I haven’t seen the Japanese issue repeat itself in a few weeks, so that one must be far more unlikely to happen.

But yeah, I can’t play against France anymore, it’s a free win.

Thank you for the reply, sorry it took me so long to reply as well, really busy with work and wasn’t able to play the game again till recently.