AI issues

The AI doesn’t attack me? pretty much all difficulties they just don’t attack me. some campaigns they do but at least 80% I would say they don’t attack me and then their bases are almost empty (no military units).

I also have another bug where a team resigns but carries on playing as usual, their units and towers continue to attack me like what?

Has anyone come across/found a solution for either of these bugs? I think I am going to ask for a refund If I cannot find a solution to this because it makes the game UNPLAYABLE.

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Re-download the game. I practice at least twice a day vs hard/hardest comps and believe me, in 2v2, 3v3 one of them is bound to tool rush you.
Unless you’re playing custom scenarios that you made (which this problem happens alot and there is a solution); you should have no issues.

Note: Whether AI or multiplayer, when a player resigns the towers/remaining units will attack you if you approach.

Let me know how you make out.

is that right though? I would assume ‘resigning’ means they ‘give up’ in which case I would expect their units/towers to stop attacking me, it doesn’t seem right that they continue to? But you are saying that is intended in AOE: DE and it’s not a bug? I swear In AOE2 if they resign, all units will stand still and not move and towers wont attack you?

I haven’t tested any of this in AI custom matches, I am referring to the campaigns, sorry I should of specified that.

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I know exactly what you mean - AOE II may be different, I’m not up to speed with the new version.

However in AOE DE:

Units will come at you if they were instructed to just prior to resignation. AI automatically resigns if there’s less than 3 units. They will also come at you if you’re within their line of sight after a player resigns. This is the way its always been since AOE days back in 1997.

Of course this all goes out the window if you’re playing ‘easiest’ settings. In that case AI is useless and often won’t attack unless you strike first.
Eg, you can send a villager next to an enemy Calvary and it won’t kill you unless you instruct the villager to strike it.

Ah I okay, I see. I think it is different in AOE2 but I haven’t played that game for years so I can’t remember exactly but pretty sure it is.

But in AOE:DE once they’ve resigned they won’t make any more units I take it? and villagers will not build any more buildings? It’s just those things you mentioned that will continue to attack/ be a threat to you?

Exactly Barrett. If AI resigns and a remaining villager is alive and already cutting wood or picking berries, it will continue to do so.
If a villager is 1/2 way done constructing a building and AI resigns, the villager will continue to finish the building.
The easiest way I can think to say it:

Remaining villagers and military units continue to do the last task they were instructed before resignation.

For game settings other than “Easiest:”

If you go near AI military unit or tower after it resigns, they will still attack you.

That’s great. Thank you for clarifying :slight_smile:

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