AI Last Man Standing

So, I wanted to test out Last Man Standing with AI. 4v4. Me and 7 AI. The problem is the moment you defeat the enemy team. At that point, all the AI change you to Enemy, but not each other. So it turns into a 1v3 scenario. I think this really needs to change and actually make the AIs turn on each other too, or this becomes just stupidly unfair.
I expected this to have taken into account already, but it appears not. Disappointing.

They are just going after the tuffest opponent left. You should take it as a compliment. The AI knows that if they dont team up on you it will lose.

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Or they’re going after the weakest opponent left. >.>

AI actually tends to read the score and attack when it feels confident based off the statistics it can win (until a certain point where they need to start attacking to spend their resources)

But jeez. There should be a limit to how much I can handle still. Fair enough they can focus on me, but also make each other enemies so there is at least a fighting chance for me.

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