AI on migration maps is broken (kills its own villagers)

Game Version: Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition

  • Build: Hotfix 34793 (January 23rd, 2020)
  • Platform: Steam


The AI does not properly migrate to the main island. Instead of transferring its villagers to the main island, it often kills nearly all of them. Below, I have attached one example (as a new user, I cannot attach more than one image).
They can even take themselves completely out of the game and resign, because the migration process doesn’t work properly.

I am pretty sure that the issue started after the big January patch. It presists after the hotfix (34793).

I am not sure wether there are other issuses on migation, but killing its own villagers should be the most devastating in regards to the AI functioning on migration maps.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Spectate a singleplayer 8 player free for all AI match (definitive edition AI) on a migration map.

The bug should be very easy to replicate, but if people have problems, I can give my exact settings.

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