AI Phasing through walls in campaign

Game Version: 101.101.34223.0

  • Build:? guessing this is different from the version but no idea what it is or where to find it if someone lets me know i will update but almost certain it is the latest public version
  • Platform: steam


so in a fair few of my campaign games the enemy AI seems to just phase through the certain walls the issue seems to come from when you place buildings next to diagonally placed walls (not behind but kinda as part of the wall itself) i have also seen them somehow phase through walls that go over hilly terrain though i have not been able to replicate this particular incident i have tried placing walls just behind the area they are slipping through and have checked that there are no gaps but still they get through

Reproduction Steps:

  1. build diagonal walls
  2. place a building as part of said wall (my particular case uses castles but this likely will happen with other buildings too)
  3. station some ranged units behind walls and tried to get the ai to attack them massed AI attach