AI placing buildings

I’m posting my first topic here and hope it hasn’t been posted yet. Sorry if it has.

For those of you who played AoE 3 against the AI, if you remember well, the computer tends to place every building next to eachother and around the townhall (as if it were walls).

This, for me, took the immersiveness away and also made any movements of a large army quite difficult.

Do you think the devs took this in consideration and made it so that the AI places buildings in a better (more natural) way ?

What are your thoughts about it ?

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As far as we can tell it now seems possible to move your units between buildings even when they are placed next to each other. So this shouldn’t be a problem for you in AoE4.

So far it looks like your town will actually look like a town, due to roads and bigger “hitboxes” for buildings but units ignore them?

I was also curious about this after watching the fan trailer.
But at least it’s still more realistic than anything we have ever seen in a AoE before.

I just wonder if the roads will automatically appear when placing a building or if you have to place them yourself.

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In one scene you can see that the game generates a road between to buildings that are directly build next to each other.
I assume that walling with houses won’t be possible because the hitbox for building placement is bigger than the hitbox of buildings for units.

I assume they changed that to force you to build actual walls around your town.
Together with the chance that some forest can be walked through you can’t just use palisades to fill gaps you have to build them all around your base.

Spirit of the law did a few videos reviewing the fan preview and dissecting them, it appears to be that the roads freeform as you grow your town. An awesome feature imo

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That sounds like quite a welcome change, in terms of immersion. AoE2 bases often tend to look ridiculous with houses, blacksmith and market making up the walls. Curious how they’ll balance defensive play with the lack of the classic housewalls :slight_smile: I hope that just regular walling will be made relatively cheap and quick.

The British showed an early palisade wall and then later as stone wall, that would be cool to make little forts with palisades and castles with stone walls. I’m already imagining the crazy scenarios people can come up with now that you can walk on walls

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