AI Problem

Game Version: Aoe2 DE
Build: what?
Platform: Steam
System: Windows 10
Gamertag: Shin89ITA


AI set on “no personality”, keeps destroying its own walls.
The game should let a human player walk across villages (from AI player 3) and than player 2 invade the world destroying villages one by one activated by triggers.
In the test mode everything is working perfectly but when I try the map on campaign, player3’s ai destroy every wall, gate or palizade it have.
Player 3 should (by triggers) just keep waiting and do its own business until player arrives at the end of the map where a big city (player 3) is situated.
Than some triggers make player 2 arrive and attack the city.
Meanwhile player 1 wait for a ship to being create and try to survive the attack.
When the ship is ready, player 1 get on it and go.
Done. Victory.
But without walls the attack at the city will be a 3 seconds massacre making player 1 fail without any possibility.

Reproduction Steps:

Build a custom map with walls, buildings and triggers

  1. Build a map with 4 players
  2. Add buildings
  3. Add triggers
  4. Add in a campaign
  5. Play

Ps. Testing map doesn’t make this bug appear


Build means game version.