AI quits within 5 minutes of starting a standard game!

I start a Standard game against the AI. I selected reasonable defaults: Game Mode=Deathmatch, Population=300, and Victory=Last Man Standing.

I am not even past the Feudal Age when the AI declares its defeat.

What am I missing?

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You aren’t missing anything I have the exact same issue playing with different settings but same AI difficulty.
I posted it in my steam review about 10/11ish hours ago and got a bot response from a ‘developer’ so no clue when it’ll get patched.
Game breaking bug though.


Thank you for the report, we are looking into it!

As a temporary solution you can open the in-game chat menu and send (to all AIs) the command to not allow the AI to resign.


you can type 104 which makes the AI not resign for now. It worked for random map, I’m not sure it will work for deathmatch

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@Chesqin and @piuzord That worked. Thank you very much! I am back to enjoying the game.

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