AI resign ruins it

In AoE 1 DE playing random map against AI, when it’s losing and I’m winning it just resign.
AI should never resign, it should always wait a winning condition.
AI quitting ruins the gameplay.
There should be a way to disable AI quitting and let we play as long as we wish.

AI player is not a human player, it should never runaway.
It’s like bringing bad things of multiplayer to local play.

You can force the AI to not resign by sending it 104 in the chat (don’t resign).

It won’t resign until you’ve killed all of its units.

Great tip Dalemac1989.

No. Doesn’t work on AoE 1 DE. It’s for 2.

I figured it out,
I changed the file:

6 0 //SNDisableResign
6 1 //SNDisableResign

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Thanks for posting the correct solution.

What directory is the file in?

on steam it’s:

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Thank you for posting this

Good point. Another thing I hate is how on some maps, like Canyon of Death, the AI just swarm you, and make the map much easier (you can kill them before they reach the specific units they are targeting). The original AOE campaigns were better gameplay wise. Sad.


it’s also annoying how AI resign in single player campaign before we complete mission objectives.

After the match starts, I often forget to type “104” anyways (and I think it is “100” in AoE2:HD), so I wish we could just specify in the lobby… and specify it as a default so we don’t have to click it every time.

When the game starts, you’re too focused on getting your economy built to worry about hitting “104”. And then later on, you’re lucky if you remember to type it mid-way through wiping out the enemy (before it’s too late)

disregard. I meant to post in the AoE2:DE forum

I vote for a option to disable all AI Resign (single player campaign, single player random map, multiplayer).

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Seconded! Especially on single player campaign missions it’s a bit weird to see them resign (though some missions like the 6th Yamato scenario are a slog when they don’t resign, especially if you’ve destroyed their ability to make units anyway).