AI scripters twitch stream

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

We would like to advertise a bit for our small but very friendly and helpful community of AI-scripters. Many of you may know of the community but for those who are interested in hearing more about what is going on behind the scenes, watching some matches of new AI’s or even try out creating an AI of their own, we would like to host a little stream today Monday the 31. at 18 GMT at Twitch

Since the early days of AOE people have been making custom AI’s for this game. There are over 100 different AI’s available with most of them being accessible on
Currently most of these AI’s do not receive regular updates but some of them do. Since the introduction of DE we have been running 2 ladders, one for UP and one for DE, where several AI’s fight each other. The current standings of these ladders can be found at this link.
AI Ladder - Google Sheets
These ladders have their own ELO systems and the matches of the two AI’s currently leading the DE ladder, Tribal Warrior and Rehoboam, will be cast at the event Monday.

In addition if you have any questions about the AI’s, our community or AI scripting in general, feel free to drop by the chat and we will do our best to answer your questions. You are also welcome to check out our discord forum where most of the communication within our community is going on.


No Barbarian at all? Wasnt that the best AI at Voobly (UP)?

Just some general questions:

  1. Which AI difficulty is used for these tournaments?
  2. How would the current DE AI in this tournament?

Looks like a fun experiment :slight_smile:

  1. The DE ladder is played on extreme and the UP ladder is played on hard. AI’s are not allowed to cheat.
  2. The current DE (extreme) AI is in both the ladders. It is called Promi and is currently the 3. highest elo on the DE ladder and 2. highest elo on the UP ladder.

TheMax, the creator of Barbarian, has been inactive on our forums for more than a year and the ladders were started in this period. If Barbarian was in the ladders it would most likely still be nr. 1 in both, though a number of promising ai’s may challenge its supremacy in the not to distant future :slight_smile:

We are live now in 10 min on Twitch :slight_smile: