AI skill gap

Has anyone else noticed a gap in the AI skill? I am ok(at best) and can win on moderate difficulty with ease. As soon as I go to hard I get destroyed most of the time. Does anyone else think the need to make moderate a little harder? ( that is where I am on AoE2 de and it is perfect)


Maybe it’s ur skill, but general opinion is hard is not that hard, in AOE3-DE

and if u switched from AOE2 then maybe it just play style

I would say that there is huge leap between moderate and hard. Moderate is very easy and poses no challenge what so ever while hard if you won’t kill him soon will be quite difficult to crush at least when i was playing with my friend in 2vs2vs2vs2 games.

One of the game I had it was like most enemy AI teams decided to attack all the time me even if I or we managed to defeat one army second or third army came soon after that which gave me no time to recover from last battle eventually enemy destoryed everything I had and I was left with 2 settlers my friend had bit more luck but for some reason after that AI left us alone at start fighting with each other which gave us to time to reach from 2 settlers to Imp and 200 pop and fortified base to as powerful as possible unfortunenatly we couldn’t finish the game since my friend dropped and I wouldn’t have enough power to fight against 1vs2vs2vs2 teams.

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Update: so I played 3 rounds as the same civ one round on standard, moderate, and hard. The scores were about 5000, 7000, and 14000 at the 20 min mark. So thinking they might need to up the AI for the moderate setting and leave hard where it is at.

The difference is huge by how the AI manages units: In moderate they may start an attack once or twice but after I have turtled it throught or rushed them sooner they just seem to stop producing any combat units. In hard difficulty the AI keeps making combat units wave after wave plus it reacts to your produced units quite effectively.

I too agree, the moderate difficulty needs to be harder. The AI should never stop producing combat units even if I manage to defend it’s early game rushes. The same pattern was actually present in the AoE2 DE as well.

I felt that hardest difficulty has become less of a challenge, in comparison to the Legacy, but extreme is more than capable to be a challenge.

I feel that the extreme prepares players for a more competitive enviroment than the previous legacy hardest, as it gets the counts right, it raids, it positions itself in a strategic manner… And forces you to age up proper and keep settler production