AI slings like crazy

Has anyone noticed that? Extreme AI seems now to sling like crazy one of their pockets.
I noticed that the first time when at minute 30 Franks AI had over 90 FU Paladins, so I watched the replay and saw that Khmer and another flank slinged Franks AI hundreds of resources starting in castle age, on the flip side they had nothing except villagers. Franks AI instead had full military but even full eco. They slinged like 25k resources in a 50min game.
Then in another game I saw Aztec AI going imperial age at minute 21, I saw Portuguese AI and Turks AI doing that, but never meso AI.
Then I realized why, because it came at minute 25 with something like 100 FU Elite Eagles.
And again obviously those who slinged had nothing but villagers.
Those games were without any handicap, just plain Extreme AI on boomy maps (Arena, BF).
I never noticed such an heavy slinging between AIs, not so early in the game at least.
It seems an extreme all-in strategy honestly, not sure if could be an improvement. If the alpha strike fails it’s ridiculously easy to kill those flanks that are without any meaningful military.
Did you notice that too? What do you think?

Yeah I noticed that last time we have played empire wars 4v4 on michi human vs AI.
The Mayan player asked for res and got slinged the whole game. We did start in Dark Age and it managed to reach imp at 12/13’ and started to cut with Onagers before minute 15. It then stole a relic and spammed archers, rams and trebbed 3 castles. We almost lost it.

It’s an evil strategy with meso civs :sweat_smile: :grin:

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