AI strategies variety a la Starcraft 2

Me and my friend are fairly new to the skirmish scene, and just play vs the AI (so far we are starting to manage vs Hard so you get the skill-level idea :smiley: haha)

But most of the time, the AI just feudal rushes you with archers and skirmishers unless it’s really not an archer civ. In which case it will do a fast castle into knights or rarely send some men at arms.

I think it would make the AI much more interesting if it had different strategies set up, and when starting the match, it just chose one. Starcraft 2 for instance (I think) has that, where the AI will do different builds on different matches and you can even set up the game so it does one strategy or another if you want to practice defending an early rush or some other opening. The latter is less relevant, but it would be nice if they could modify the AI so it chooses different strategies instead of always archer/skirm feudal rush.

The current AI is still very bad compared to most players. Someone at 1000 elo RM 1v1 (that is about the average elo for ranked only 1v1 games) will easily beat the extreme AI. The AI in general can be improved a lot. Not only the strategies he uses, but also his execution.

There are some taunts to use, but i dont know if they also works if you are the enemy. But if you play with the AI on your side, you can use these taunts to change it strategy.