AI Stuck in Dark Age

101.101 Game Version:

  • Build (34793)
  • Platform (Steam)

Issue: AI Gets stuck in Dark Age

Scenario: My friend and I play vs AI in 6v6 and 4v4 games. Basically just the 2 of us vs and with AI. We run the game in adequate PCs, (one with 16GB RAM and another one with 12GB). Video Cards are fine and we’ve played a LOT of AOE2:DE games before with these PCs. We’re both from Southern California and use the westus2 server (Ping is green at around 120).

Issue: 70% of the time, one of the AI’s on both our team and the enemy’s team will get stuck on Dark Age. The AI just will not go to Feudal even if I give it 500 food.


Do you have a recorded game where this issue occurs? I would be glad to take a look and see if i can help.

Hello @MuadDib16, as HerianB said a recorded game would be very helpful or even the settings you play on could help a lot to try and reproduce this. :slight_smile:
Thank you for the report!

Here are the screenshots of my setting and everything. How do I upload the save game file and the logs? I can’t upload them here. Is there an email I can send it to?

Try to change the recording file extension to .txt. This way i can download and change it back, without third party hosting. It’s a forum thing.

@DodoNotDoDo Could forum file upload extension limits be removed please, so that users could upload files without workarounds?

Today (27/03/2020) my friend and I played a few games.
First of all he couldn’t find my lobby (resolved through direct invite)
We had to exit out of 3 of our 6 games due to ridiculous command latency (lost 3 vils, houses not built until 90 seconds after command given).
On our last game (2v3, 6 player size Arabia) two of the three AI never left dark age but the third played at the set difficulty (moderate).

Does anyone know whats going on atm? Why did the other two AI not get over 800 score? They were utterly useless.

Thanks for your help guys, keep up the work on this great game!