AI terrible in campaigns

Game Version:

101.101.32911.0 4395365 on Steam


As I expected more or less after seeing the AI perform in the beta, they have no idea what they should do in the campains. They frequently just stop moving, or walk with their army past the enemy and then get their base destroyed (last mission of Kotjan Khan, Hungary side).

Also in the last Kotjan Khan mission, the Hungarian ally just parked their whole army outside of the enemy gates, since they somehow could not attack it? They let the enemy pass them, while they where pushing against the wall and let the Teuton enemy castle shot them. They where completely deadlocked there, until I destroyed the gate for them.

On the other missions, where you were supposed to flee/defend from the mongols, the mongols were pretty bad at doing anything.

Difficulty was standard. In the next beta, please allow beta players to play campaign missions, since it’s pretty clear, that they have not been tested well. Especially since most players will only play the campaigns once after the release, it’s pretty sad, that the AI is completely broken.

Reproduction Steps:

Play any of the Kotjan Khan levels. Especially bad in the last mission (with Hungary).