AI Too Passive and Doesn't Respond to Flash Alerts (Attack Here)

I have been playing many 3v3 and 4v4 Skirmish games with the AI and noticed the AI gathers large armies that just sit at his base for a long time.

Often it takes 12+ minutes before one of the AI’s launches a major attack.

Most of the time I have to finish off all 3 or 4 enemy AI’s by myself while my AI allies just sit at their base with full armies that are idle for a long time.

What’s worse, when my base is attacked by two or more AI’s I use the Flash Signal (Attack Here) to alert my AI allies, but they don’t respond with their full armies that sit at their base.

The same is true when I signal that I want to attack the enemy at a certain location.
My AI allies will never respond and never send armies to that destination in order to help.

These two issues should be resolved and should be given high priority.

I don’t know, the AI on hardest is pretty aggressive. They manage to pull off some very powerful timings, to the point it is pretty difficult to win 1v3 against them.

I am referring to “Hard” difficulty, not hardest.

If the AI wasn’t so idle, you would have had difficulty winning against 1 hardest, since the AI cheats in that setting.

There is definitely something wrong with the the AI when it’s on your team. It seems like friendly AI defaults to standard difficulty setting, while the enemy AI will play at whatever setting the game is set to. I’ve tried the different strategy settings in the diplomacy menu but either way both their economy and military is consistently much weaker than the enemy AI.

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I’ve noticed this too. Allies are useless.

Also noticed enemy AI won’t attack trading posts when the trade monopoly timer is counting down. Only way I’ve been able to win games since allied AI hardly ever attacks the enemies base.

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I did notice hard AI will stop attacking after a while.
i think a recent patch made all AIs target a human player. I used to play 8 player ffa with 7 ai, and now all 7 attack me instead of randomly picking a target. This changed with a recent patch. So allied AI is useless cause there is no human to target.

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I also noticed that in the first 12 minutes or so enemy Hard AI attack me every few minutes but not attacking my allies.

Then after that, even enemy AI’s go idle for 10-15 minutes.
By that point I am already attacking them.

In the meantime, my AI allies are just siting in their base with their full size armies doing nothing.

Well, the hardest AI does much the same, except they don’t stop attacking.

This sounds like a bug that should be fixed.