Ai vs human multiplayer issue?

we want to play some games vs AI with friends to practice and keep improving and we have never finished a game properly.when we play against each other no lag no problem most of the times.but when we add the AI to join us the game brokes all the time. do any of you guys have the same problem or have any solution for this

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Is it a crash? A DC?

some times crash but mostly DC.and its fine when we play eachothers without AI

Do you all crash or one of you?

If one of you, try to verify your files (if you have Steam version that is)

dont know who is responsible for this but none of us can play the game.the units receieve the command and act like 1 or 2 minutes later.

Welcome to the club, baristo312! :smiley: There’s no fix that I’m aware of. But please see this reported bug, describing the same issue:

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