Akbar AI (Hardest) bugged/stuck in Fortress Age

No recording, unfortunately (I should enable those), but here’s as much information as I can give:

  • 2v2 AI skirmish, Akbar was my ally with +5% handicap bonus
  • Arctic Territories regular map
  • Classic victory mode and pretty standard game settings

The AIs all fought pretty competently for most of the game, but at some point it seemed like Akbar just got… stuck in some kind of loop. His villagers either obsessively gathered wood or stood idle (see screenshot) and what army he had also pretty much stood idle and he never advanced past Fortress Age. (When often in my longer games, Hardest Akbar is PAINFUL to fight.) The opponents kept doing fine and playing more or less normally.

I tried tributing him lots of resources thinking he’s somehow painted himself into a corner, but nope, didn’t really help.

I really saw no rational reason why this would happen. Anything else I can provide that could help if I don’t have a recording?

Steam version of the game, no mods of any kind.