Aleatory Civs Ban

Is there a way to ban some civs that i don`t want to play when i choose aleatory? tyvm

What does Aleatory mean? Is it ranked games (So ban civs so that your opponent can’t pick them), or random civ (So you will only get a random civ out of a pool), or something else? Either way, for both of the first two, there is no way to ban civs.

Yes, random.
Ok thank you.
I wanted to know if there was an option similar to baning maps in 1vs1 or Team games If i choose random as my civ, so i could ban those civs that i dislike and play random with the other civs that i didn’t ban.
Sorry for my english

It’s fine. People have suggested having a pool of civs the engine randomly chooses from, but it isn’t a mechanic implemented in the game. If you don’t want to play a full random game, your best bet might be using a random number generator or something to pick for you before the game.

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