All healers Should Heal During Combat

the Ethiopian description has the unit called “Abun (I): Ethiopian Bishop who can heal friendly units from range, even whilst they’re fighting or gathering; may also gather at the Mountain Monastery like a Villager.”

to promote healing units in the game that do not see play, all healer units should also be able to heal in combat as well as making them cost pure food. combat healing shouldn’t be limited to just the Abun but be a fundamental part of healing in this game.


That’s a good idea, and then the Ethiopian bonus could be that thier healers heal two units at once but heal the units 25% slower, meaning overall it’s a 50% increase, this can be counteracted by increasing the cost to be 40% more than a normal healer, making the Ethiopian one 10% better.


while healers now show an amount in the pup of 10 hp/sec, there should also be a small % based component as well such as 4% maximum hp/sec, capping healing time at less than 25 seconds per unit.

Do you think the same for aztecs dance?? ^^

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Surgeons should be an improvement, rather than a shipment from the metropolis. Certainly, these units must be given more prominence.

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Field hospitals and upgraded sacred field should health every unit in radius and fighting units. In this way more playes will use it

One thing I noticed that idk is intentional or not is when playing USA and you get a surgeon they don’t heal old marines past half hp even when you get the card that stops them from losing hp.