All of the sudden, there are a lot of new accounts in the Wololo Wednesday

To those cheaters: why? What do you all achieve by cheating the system? Why do yo want to hide someone elses creative work? Do you get anything, beside a prize? I can spot a guy just by looking at his post. So if you are doing this, stop. Cheating is cheating, you can’t feel happy from cheating, if you do, you are not a human being. Just a worlds biggest cheater who knows how to undermine others.

were to report game isuses ?

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink: anyone can help ? were to report AOE comments to the eddition

@Jaginokrkrkr said:
were to report game isuses ?

If you’re asking about where to report bugs and issues with AoE:DE, that would be the beta forum. If you need beta forum access, send @jennywaboom a private message.

As of Today, Feb. 9th, 2018, Beta is over. Game comes out Feb 20th. Sorry if you jumped on board late.