All the things that can make game better

/1. When move attack ignoring buildings is necessary.

/2. Ranged units overkill should be fixed( You may have seen 20 springalds shoots to a spear)

/3. Chinese Officer mechanism(with 20gold they can’t use e skills), And HRE priest doesn’t buff and heal while attack move and they sometimes doesn’t buff villagers.

/4. When destroying harbor the fish should come back.

/5. priests shift button doesn’t but put relics into monastery

/6. Mongolian packed buildings are treated as a units and whit 200 population buildings can’t pack.

/7. Nerf the repair(It can be same with present state but the required wood should be x1.5 or doubled)

/8. Hulks turning around and attack is really ridiculous. delete it. And It should be more ships to make naval battle more fun.

/9. Units on the stone wall sometimes drops incase there are no way to go down.(especially when the wall is building and at the end of it). And springalds sometimes on the stone wall (Is it intended?)

/10. Islands map should be out of quick match. There are too many people doesn’t like water maps.

/11. tooltips error and not applied skills should be fixed.

About Balance problems

First of all the most OP unit is springalds.

adjust: attack 40(+40 to siege), and nerf attack speed and moving speed a little.

France: delete villager production speed buff. Hulk to 3rd age.
Make Chivarly not activated while moving.

England: Longbows range to 6(With overkill problems fixed it would better than now)

Mongolian: Nerf the efficiency of ovoo making 2 units. coft nerf. and with springalds nerf they’ll be nerfed automatically.

Rus: make strelches cost up and their power down. And their warrior monk should share the cooltime of wololo.

China: make China chuko nu better. My oppinion is giving them upgrade in 3rd age. (+4 damage to armored).

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