All The Way To Australia DLC idea

A new DLC with 4 civs, 6 campaigns, 2 historic battles, 2 functions, a new stat and a new age: the civs are: Oriental Vichings, Reinassance Italians, English Colonists and Australians. the campaigns are 2 that i decided and 4 that you (the developers) decide, the campaigns that i decided are: Marco Polo (Italians and Reinassance Italians) and Leonardo Da Vinci (Reinassance Italians). In the Oriental Vichings’ campaign you play with the Vichings (now called Occidental Vichings) and The Oriental Vichings. The rest i say it in the discussion.

Is this a joke? It has to be.


This seems to be a troll.

no joke, no troll. this is an idea

We shoudl report it anyway its a 2 hour old account. Im suspicious of this.

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What are Vichings, and what does it mean for them to be Oriental/Occidental?

Not even slightly related to Aoe2.


In google it redirects you to Viking. No idea if it’s actually Vikings or just a fever dream


Or OP is smoking something. In which case, I want in.


Stop feeding the troll

I made an error: I accidentaly written Vichings but in reality it was Vikings, sorry

I repeat: This isn’t a troll

Spoiler: The 5th age is the Renaissance

Good to know. It’s just a bad idea then, not a troll.


That makes it even worse because we have to coexist with this (apparently) person who by the way spammed 3 posts in a row

Hey apparently not troll person who is actually likable and worthy of having food on opposite day, learn to multiquote


ok, sorry for my mistake.

pls don’t say that this is a bad idea. There are more contents to say

But it IS a bad idea. Objectively. Do you even know what time period AoE2 deals with? Not the period that Australia was in any way relevant, that’s for sure.


Well stop making bad ideas ans we wont call you a bad person

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This is a good idea.

In the Steam version of this idea they said that these “Australians” could be the Polynesians

No it’s not.

Well that’s even worse. Australia isn’t part of Polynesia.