All the World's Knowledge Achievement Bug

As I was working on all the masteries for all civs, I wrapped up Abassid. I was working on all the achievements, and noticed that I was not getting “All the World’s Knowledge” achievement for researching all 12 techs from the 4 wings of the House of Wisdom.

I did this several times, and no matter what I was unable to get the achievement to pop… even waiting several minutes after getting all the tech done.

Make sure you are not getting this with any mods or custom maps enabled

I finally got it by doing a skirmish. I am certain it wasn’t a mod or custom map. I got all the other masteries knocked out.

Now to try to get the AI to build a wonder for the Bombard achievement…

Not sure if you’ve done this already, but AI is very inclined to build a wonder if you start it out in Age 4 with max resources and Wonder victory condition turned on :wink:

I’ve just ran into the same problem, what exactly did you do to get it to pop? (I don’t use custom maps or mods either) I’m just using standard skirmish games on dry arabia, I start on age 1 with max resources against easy A.I with fully revealed map, landmarks victory

I got this to work during the abbasid mastery “Love of knowledge” for anyone running into this problem, popped immediately after the 12th tech was researched.