All useless team bonuses (from 1v1 perspective)

These are all useless team bonuses in the game in 1v1 games. Maybe some of you will say:" ok, they are good in team games, not everything should be good only in 1v1". Well yeah true, but why some civs have very strong team bonus that benefit them in 1v1 too and other civs don’t?! They sould all be balanced and equal of their benefits not only in team games but also in 1v1 Especially they are some of them are weak and need some help, so lets discuss the team bonuses in general from 1v1 perspective and lets see who do you think need some changes.

Genitour available in archery range in castle age.

Imperial skirms available in imp.

Towers and Outposts +3 LOS.
Farms build 100% faster

Galleys +50% line of sight

Foot archers +2 LOS

Knights +2 attack vs archers.

Docks +100% LOS

LOS is shared with the team starting in the drak age.

Trade units generate 25% gold


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Well, you know, there’s a reason they are called team bonuses…

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Would you mind elaborating on why you think they are bad? :slight_smile:
A few of them are not bad at all from my understanding


Hi, there @Equalizer938341
The thing is that, if we look only into the team bonuses it seems ridiculous, right! However, each team bonus was already taken into account in the civ profile and it is balanced through the other bonuses or the tech tree. Lets take the most useless of all in the history of the planet - the Inca team bonus. This is a petty excuse of a bonus (please, add it in the list in the first spot).
The thing is, if that was a better bonus that would help the Incas in a 1v1 it would make them broken. Looking only into this parameter doesn’t tell the whole story.
Also, look at this:

Well, that is one hell of an amazing bonus, don’t you think! It was to a substantial extent one of the reasons why we saw the Persians being used so often in the Hidden Cup 3.
I believe that you have to find a way to use these bonuses.
Except the Inca bonus… :smiley:

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And seems you didn’t read the post or the title at least

Then tell me why are they not bad as i said from 1v1 perspective

Yeah thanks i will add them too

This is wrong, there are many strong civs with strong team bonuses benefit them in 1v1

so those civs getting extra units is a useless bonus?

yeah this ones totally useless man, doing extra damage vs archers is a BAD BONUS.

saves on houses.

yeah giving a fast ranged unit more vision is just terrble.


In 1v1 what is the benefit? They already have those units

Knights already good vs archers giving them more vs archers is not that big bonus

They are already range units with good mobility so this is completely useless

no, they have those units because they are part of the team bonus.
do britons get 20% faster archery range because its built into the civ bonuses? or is it because its a team bonus.

debatable. knights are good against archers as long as they are in relatively close numbers. otherwise archer line wins.
the 2 attack bonus ensures that knights do 12 damage a strike after armor, meaning they kill a crossbowman in 3 hits instead of 4. that means that in 12 attacks a single knight takes out 4 archers instead of 3.
but that must not be a very good bonus guys, killing stuff 33% faster is bad.

and seeing your opponent coming from further away, or seeing more space allows you to more easily identify areas that you can effectively raid.


I agree some of them needs rework. The Portuguese team bonus is the worst.


No, they will not lose their units if you changed the team bonus, do you think if the devs (for example) did this then those units will disappear?! They will just relocate it, and it is not like you think, their teams have these bonuses because those civs have it already but not because the team bonus have it then the owner civ will get it, they just shared it.

As you said depend on numbers but still weak and actually the numbers change everything whatever the unit is.

For a range unit like the CA with their mobility it is not that benefit

thats how every other team bonus works.

its so weak it allows them to kill archers 33% faster then other civs. that isn’t weak.

this shows just how little you know. vision means knowledge. knowledge means power.


Can anyone answer why the team bonus works in 1v1? Shouldn’t they be exclusive to team games?


They will just relocate it, and it is not like you think, their teams have these bonuses because those civs have it already but not because the team bonus have it then the owner civ will get it, they just shared it.

The team bonus is actually a bonus for the civ itself but just shared with the teams

Yes but still I think those team bonus are better to be exclusive for team games. That Portuguese team bonus kek.

Two of these do nothing in a 1v1, the others are all decent bonuses in one way or another. Not every bonus has to be “all your paladin are free and created instantly”.


11, True man but not fair