Allied Kurultai (not) healing

Game Version:

  • Build Number: v3549

Issue: When playing with an allied Mongol player, they can build the Kurultai landmark, which heals units around it if the Khan is nearby. However, it still shows up as healing allied units with the green healing symbol, but the health points of the units don’t actually change. So either it is a visual bug, and it shouldn’t show the healing symbol, or it is a gameplay bug and it should heal allied units properly (I’d prefer this, as it rewards teamplay).

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Have allied mongol player build Kurultai landmark.
  2. Move damaged units to the Kurultai.
  3. Observe how it should heal the units, but not getting any health.
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Thanks, @Einstyle! I’ve logged this internally so we can investigate. We appreciate the report!