Allow convertible units within transports to be converted automatically upon the transport being converted

Pretty much the above - gives more utility for monks converting the whole crew of a ship as well as all on board as passengers.

It also gives players the ability to allow huge swaths of ‘gift’ units to other players if wanted with less micro.

It more or less removes the need to instantly delete a converted transport just because the units inside already have remained faithful to their Homeland even while the whole crew changes factions.

Of course this doesn’t effect non-convertible units such as kings/queens/heroes/units of an allied player(even if that player happens to have enemied you while you have him/her allied)

This should also effect all garrison-able buildings and siege units such as rams and siege towers that are converted.

This will give monks a solid buff that generally makes sense.

This would be too op against landings, which are already underpowered

Good players dont deletr convertrd transports with units. They hide the transport to eat up opponent pop space.


I think this is too much of an edge case to be considered for balance changes.
One question I have: if a player converts a transport with a Ram in it, but doesn’t have redemption, what happens?

Nah. Converting a transport full of enemy units already gives a huge advantage. This situation doesn’t need to be buffed any further.


No that would be so OP. Once you get the conversion, you can control the ship, so you can just delete it or leave it stranded in the middle of the ocean. Either way its already a huge waste of resources for the player who got converted.

Imagine converting a transport with drydock filled with 20 persian war elephants…

That would be really OP

Absolutely no need to add this ever.


I think Monks are already fairly strong and don’t need further buffs.

I always figured getting a knight and making the enemy lose a knight for the cost of one monk was a pretty good trade already.

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Without redemption the ram would fall under unconvertible territory and wouldn’t be converted

And this would be a nerf to such an over powered technique.

How often do gou honestly think thesd situations occur?

Also. Wouldnt converting the units also be very overpowered too?

It’s less overpowered, if at all, because at the end of the day you won’t be able to build anything beyond the pop cap until units die, and they will. The point of conversions is to have a temporary advantage, rather than a near permanent one if you just reduce enemy pop caps by converting and then hiding said transports.

Both situations are currently rare until placed into common practice on a per player basis.

  1. its still overpowered.
  2. if you have 2 players at 200 pop and 1 converts a transport thats still (hypothetically) a 40 pop swing. Id rather be at 180 vs 200 then 180 vs 220.

If youre converting enough transports and keeping them alive long enough to have a huge permanent advantage id say youre outplaying your opponent

Except with the 180 vs 220 you still have a chance at destroying said transport before it lands and you immediately have pop space to produce proper unit counters for any emergency situations, where as 180 vs 200 with your pop cap stuck at 180 you’ve lost the ability to produce a counter and are forced to stick with the current units until they die or you find that missing transport which is deadly since the enemy will know where to bring any traps to place and will know almost exactly where to spring it and when.

Youre still ar a much larger disadvantage until you can recover. Not to mention the huge amount of resources you just gifted your opponent.

Sounds like someone getting punished for the decision they made. I fail to see the issue with losing pop space because you went for a tactic rhat failed and werent avle to snipe the transport

There is no need to changs it. and so far i hacent seen any support for this either.