Allow editing of main post (original post)

after creating a thread, if there are any update/edit to go along with the thread, we should be able to update it without people having to scroll all the way down to the bottom for details/updates.

this is one of the important function of a forum, yet after editing original post 2-3 times, or after certain time period, it is locked and no longer allow editing.

add this feature to the forum, literally every forum out there has this except here.

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Hi @thieftdp8498, If you press the End key on your keyboard it will go to the last reply. In the hamburger menu right next to your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen there is a link to a Keyboard Shortcuts pop-up which may make the forums easier for you to use.

The limit on edits is a function of the forum software, Discourse. I suggest waiting to submit a post until you are sure that everything you entered is what you would like to appear on the post. The forum automatically saves drafts. The maximum time period for typical users is 30 days at trust level 2. This is to prevent off-topic edits later.

I know the end key but that does not do what we want. I simply used one example of scroll all the way to the bottom.

now heres another example. an important key detail needs to be updated/edited and there has been over 50+ posts since then, how do you now find it? waste 20-30 minutes searching through post like what we do now?

if the edit has limit, change the limit to infinite, or to 100 or something. this forum is so hard to use I almost rather use reddit/steam if that’s the case. I’m sure microsoft want us to stay here and not push users else where, I mean they did make this forum.

The fastest way to go to a specific reply in a topic is to first bookmark it in the “…” menu at the bottom of a reply.

The reason for the 30 day edit limit is to prevent abuse. Instead of editing the post after 30 days, I suggest leaving a reply with new details so other people know the history and can receive a notification when new info is added.

What specifically is hard to use on the forums compared to Reddit or Steam? I can pass this feedback onto the team.

whats hard is you cannot edit first post. there are people who reads a mega thread for first post to see details instead of bookmarking, what if they are newcomers and would be forced to go through each post to find useful info? bookmark is only for people who read through them and thought ahead would use it.

since you looking for feedback, this is the feedback. change the limitation, the abuse is a small thing to otherwise punish new players and normal users, who would read first post and get outdated info, fixes.

please stop giving non-helpful info or workarounds thats entirely not what we are asking for. if we wanted to bookmark, if we want to read through post after post, we’d choose that and not post here at all.

Hi there. Same issue. I can’t edit the thread I am running for the Beautiful Screenshot competition on these forums which means that I will have to open new threads in order for the competition topic/theme to be updated every new round. Solving the editing feature (allowing edit record/date) would be a way to avoid the problems cited above.

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By offering suggestions my intent is to be helpful. I apologise if my replies did not come across that way. I’ll reach out to the team and ask about increasing the edit time limit. In the meantime you’re welcome to private message me the edits you would like and I’ll make them on your behalf.

Please send me a private message with your edits and I’ll make them on your behalf.

I am interested in the abuse you mentioned, what sort of editing post would be abusive? in the end the original posted can simply flag and ask for them to be removed, which many people have done in this forum and to the point of abusing it.

if that is allowed, why isn’t editing post allowed?

Abuse would be editing a post to fundamentally change what was said or editing a post to insert a spam link which could happen if an account was compromised.

If your topic is one that will contain helpful info which changes over time, I would recommend creating a wiki topic at trust level 3.

My invitation is still open to edit your post on your behalf.

so whenever we have edit we just message u or other admins right?

Yes. If it’s after 30 days, please message @moderators