Allow getting up to imp. in DM

cos why not. Why stay In DM stuck in Industrial age? It makes no sense.

Is this true, or did you accidentally set the max age to industrial?

he’s not wrong
its def capped, i did check lobby settings ahead of start, made sure it had ending age at imperial
however, if you set starting age to imperial or post-imperial you start in imperial
had to check asian dynasties just to verify and this exact thing happens there as well


In fact there is no reason for DM to exist since you an set initial resources, age, ending age…

The difference is, that in DM treaty and trade monopoly are disabled
Also the map will be revealed , but still with fog of war.

They could work a bit on DM as it’s possible to make DM only techs that can be loaded for each civ at the start of the game.

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