Allow Herdables to Garrison and other suggestions regarding Herdables

This will appease the anti laming crowd by not disallowing them to be killed/stolen but still allowing the users to protect their food more efficiently - I am aware that this is iffy, but it’s doable if anything. they can still be stolen if the enemy gets to them first, etc

When killed by arrow fire/sword, let the sheep start decaying instead of losing the food entirely instantly.

For celts - change it so that they won’t be able to convert herdables while an enemy unit is close to them but if the herdables are already the celts and in line of site that the bonus stands that the celts keep them

Make an audible sound that plays when one of your herdables that you’ve converted is converted by an enemy, or even an ally for that matter - and have it ping on the map

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Leave it to mods. But don’t ruin the base game. Laming is uncool, but still not rule breaking.

What’s your asking sounds somewhat like Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, without the resource generating.


Instead of allowing herdables to garrison, could simply make the distance, where own unit is close enough to them to prevent capture, larger. It would be uncomfortable to be forced to constantly play garrison-ungarrison minigame with herdables.

I agree, that herdables should not immediately lose all their food when killed by non-villager.

I am not certain about celts bonus.

There could be notification (sound and text message) when herdable is converted by enemy/ally. This would be similar to “You are under attack” notification. It is not even necessary to ping it. Sound and text message would be enough with using “Go to last notification” hotkey. This would make it much harder to steel sheep. I am not certain whether this is a good idea though.

It’s more like you’d convert sheep, garrison in the tc and let them out 1 by 1 as needed -
It may also be doable to allow herdables to garrison in mills, but not necesarrily needed, but is a decent idea for looks sake

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nah, laming is a perfectly valid strategy that isn’t really a problem. i see zero reason for this change.


laming is mostly based on luck, not on skill


True, but that doesn’t mean it’s something that we should actively try to remove from the game.

no one should lose a game just because their res generated way too forward and their enemy got lucky sending their scout forward min 1


random generated forward herds or resources are still within it’s own rule. understand it and you’ll know roughly where to look for them.

allowing sheep to garrison is just pointless, killing off celt’s herd conversion. there is already very little of these unique perks left, removing them will mean every left over perks will be related to stats buff which makes civ less unique.

just no.

I agree with this, but forward sheep and boar should never be so forward that your enemy couod easily steal them just by going forward min 1

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that depends on the player though. in a 1v1, both player have very similar start even with how resources are generated. if one player can send scout to lame, they must sacrifice scouting his own herds.

also, you as his opponent can do the same, nothing is stopping anybody. if both player send to try to lame, it’ll be just fine. the player with better skill, micro wins the lame, which is ultimately still skills, a lot of skills.

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if you send your scout forward min 1 and you find immediately 2 sheep or a boar you do not sacrifce anything. You steal them and you go back with no losses since you can easily scout your own base.

this is simply wrong. if i go forward and your sheep spawn in front of your base while mine are on the back you’ll have a much harder time stealing them. there a ■■■■ ton of luck involved in laming herdables and boars.

Nah, every 1.5k can easily pull out a lame. And you are talking about a case where you are able to see you are being lamed which is not that often to begin with


protect ur boars and dont use autoscout.
If enemy went forward min 1, when he dont find his 1-2 boars and extra 4 sheeps.

Also Kodt3 proved that it is not about “map” etc It is about strategy, u can have unlucky games or lags anyway. Or play Arena - no lame. Hideout - no lame. Islands - no lame There are plenty of maps there u cannot lame. But EVERYONE playing arabia and crying about it. Annoying.

PS anyway we will have Empire Wars in November…
U want also kill any dark age play by forbidden laming? when just play Empire wars, why u want to build ur empire in dark age if it is the same start. boring

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all of your argument revolves around resource generation and luck. if you wish to remove luck entirely then it’ll just be like starcraft. pre made map, always the same.

age of empires is fun precisely because of this. you can scout with 2 sheeps and use villager for minimal loss if you’re unlucky. why not argue to change all forward gold, wood and stone, whyonly herds? because players can always go to your back if they know where the resources are.

luck is part of the game and it is already fairly even. people that dont like lamers need to deal with it by learning to be a lamer with better micro.

Because you can play around that. You can play aggressive, you can build preemptive tower. You have time to choose a strategy and play accordingly.
Having your herdables stolen because they are way too forward have no counterplay

If you haven’t scouted it yet because it’s forward and your enemy went forward min 1 there’s no way to protect it. And btw, I have never used autoscout once dude, I know how to block scouts and I know how to lame myself. That doesn’t change the fact that losing forward resources min 1 has nothing to do with skills and a lot to do with luck

Dude, by going forward min 1 you can easily go back and explore the rest of your map after stealing a couple of sheeps


you’re just going in circle with your argument. if both players do it, then it is no problem. send your scout forward to his base and on the way you see boar/sheep thats it, simple as that.

If both players do it, it becomes a matter of luck which player steals something.

It might be good to have luck in the game, or it might not, but that’s something to discuss.

If both players do it it can still be a problem.

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if both players dont do it, it is still a matter of luck. someone will have foward gold/stone than other player.

if both player do it, it is less of a problem because his argument was about scouting forward. by going towards the other player’s base you are already scouting forward.

@MatCauthon3 remember when i said this forum exaggerates someone’s point and then burns it down… This is why i get frustrated when one person does it… Because everyone else is doing it in one thread or another…

Changing the algo to prevent sheep from being placed super forward doesn’t turn the map into a single pre generated map like SC… But well done for basically strawmanning the idea

As was mentioned earlier. The success of laming is more luck than skill dependent. Forward gold doesn’t hamstring someone as much as 2 super forward sheep.

The devs have slowly been balancing out the extreme situations. So hopefully the sheep issue will eventually be resolved…

What compounds the issue even more is its generally the average skilled players otherwise known as the M A J O R I T Y that will be hurt more by an unlucky forward sheep getting lamed. Since they are less likely able to compensate for such a loss

Isn’t it obvious that sheep and boars can be moved and not other ressources?