Allow us to "move" or "attack move" from military buildings

Allow us to define on military buildings, if we wanna have the units to be created and dispatched to the flag with “move” (in which the unit just runs to the point that we define), or “attack move” in which the unit attacks enemies on his way.

Is a simple change, a simple button, that would make the game so much more fun to play.

I know that i should notice if 1 halberdier is damaging my hussards just passing by, but…
If that single unit is damaging the last 30 hussards without taking a hit, that makes no sense, and the option to “attack move” from military building would fix this.

Naturally, this would require checking if the units stopped only to attack a single enemy building. However, by switching from “move” to “attack move” on the military buildings, we can use the most effective strategy for the situation.



In rise of nation units dispacthing with attack move stand and i like it. I think attack move should be standard for created units.

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Even if it would became standard, I believe that the option to choose from “move” to “attack move” should be there on each military building. It depends a lot on the stage of the game, there are times that one makes perfect sense, and others, that the other option would be better.

Yes, that is better idea.

Yep I often wish this option was available.