Allow viewing FFA after elimination?

Currently after you are eliminated in an FFA, you can’t spectate, I think it should be allowed. Imagine you’re in the game since 45 minutes, and then suddenly get eliminated, it instantly blacks out, I would’ve liked to spectate for a bit and see what all the opponents were up to, etc. would feel much better and less frustrating. Maybe it’s like this for a reason, would love to hear thoughts


It’s just for the reason that you can view everything and sabotage someone.

Imagine you get eliminated by red player, and there’s the green player also. Then you can give info to green player to manipulate the game.

There would need to be restrictions on communication (as in, you wouldn’t be able to use the in-game chat to talk with players who are still playing), but otherwise it would be a nice quality of life feature. Basically, eliminated players would be like normal spectators - with (presumably) no impact on the actual game.


Yeah I mean, make [All] chat disabled after you are eliminated maybe, so that way whatever you write cannot be seen by other players. But it would really be nice if you could continue to watch for a bit. FFA games can be cruel where you play 45 mins and then it ends in an instant, sucks that you are forced to quit and cant see a thing.

Bad idea, you can’t mute Discord and others apps, there is always a chance that two or more players are talking during the game and as soon as one has been eliminated he is going to give information to the other.

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Well, it’s FFA so what are the chances that the random players matched already know each other on Discord? Is that something you think can happen often? If it’s a super rare scenario I think it’s fine.

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What if they make you wait 60 seconds so it’s delayed for u?


Already did that, played with my friends, and played with people that I know without planning that.

Watch the replay later if you want to know what happened,

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About the question of the topic: No, I don’t think you should be allowed to watch the map after elimination in FFA.

The reason is a case that once happened: “Before this patch, there was once a case of a user, let’s call him YELLOW, who after losing, started conspiring with another player, let’s call him BLUE, to use the chat to warn of attacks to that player, enemy positions and insulting other users so that BLUE won. At the end of the game, we find out that BLUE, by his own word, did not really have any dealings with this guy, YELLOW was simply very angry for losing and wanted revenge on the player who killed him and all those who attacked him, ruining the game for almost everyone left in the game.”

To prevent this from happening again, none cannot be allowed to watch the map after losing in the official FFA mode.

On the other hand, there is always the option to watch a replay of the game once it has finished. One is quite surprised how and what strategies the winner used to be No. 1.

Simply blocking players from the chat (or at least from chat with players still playing) would be sufficient. Probably is harder than simply kicking the player out though.

Whoever wants to watch the FFA when losing will always have the option to go to observer mode, advance at x8 speed (I wish x16 existed) and advance to the moment when you were eliminated.

For teaming reasons, it is better not to watch it live.