Allowing building Gate on wall blueprints


I don’t know if this has been brought up before (did a search but couldn’t find), but I really wish we were allowed to drop gate blueprints on unbuilt wall segments. I think this might be a bit tricky if the wall never gets built, but this solves issues where we have to add additional APM to wait for the wall to finish to drop a gate, I’ve seen so many games where the pathing got super messed up cos a wall finished and had no gate.


I agree! I want to be able to set gates already before the wall is built.


Tbf I think we shouldn’t need to use walls on it at all. It can stay as feature but we should be able to just put it anywhere we want. Its just stupid design and extra cost on the landmark because someone thought it would be cool if china build their china wall to keep out mongols

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The OP is not talking about the landmark, but all gates on all walls in general.

Oh true would be nice qol

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I would also love to have this implemented, btw. I hate finishing a wall, forgetting to go back to add the damn gate and having villagers take the panoramic route through enemy lines to find the next forest patch.

Exactly, I mean its so convenient to shift click the gate on walls, but you cant :frowning:

This could be a game changer if you’re dealing with early rushes etc.

I want to be able to build gates on the walls of teammates, and :link: teammates’ walls

That’s actually a great idea tbh, there’s been times in teamgames where my teammate was busy and had walled off a trade route and I had to wait for him.

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