AllStars Showmatch - Capoch vs Brezee

Today we are pleased to present the following showmatch "AllStars - First Edition"
Players Capoch , one of the best AoE2 players in the world, and Breeze , one of the best AoE3 players, will play a series of games “at their own house”, “at an opponent’s house” and finally at a “neutral place”.
What does this mean? Well, let them play a BO3 in AoE2, a BO3 in AoE3 and finally a BO7 in AoE4 to define the winner!

On February 1 and 2 will be the day that will be played, who will be the most suitable for Age of Empires 4?

More information like streamers, channels and prizes later.
Casting will be free, you just have to talk to the event organizers!

Organize: Comunidadaoe


Wow, that’s a really fun idea! Even though I am strongly expecting each player to easily win their own game, this could be very interesting to see. Looking forward to this :slight_smile:

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Very cool idea. Could get fans of each game to look at the others.


Here is the handbook, in Spanish and English, for those interested

New day!

The All Stars Showmatch Capoch vs Breeze is an event that seeks to revalue the entire Age of Empires saga. To obtain the victory, players will have to fight in both Age of Empires 2, 3 and 4. The event will take place on February 1 and 2 at 19 GMT and will be broadcast on Twitch and (however the cast is open). See you there!