Almost two weeks without Ranked

Just don’t disable it next time. Deal?

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dude they probably need to consult the dev from 1997 original aoe on how to do things before they start a new season it seems like. in 2022 this game being developed like it’s 1999

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Literally all competitive PvP games have times when the “ranked” portion of their game is down, or non-consequencal to standings.

They have work that needs done on servers, updates and bug fixes to apply, support systems that need to put properly in place, the list goes on.

I get that people don’t like not being able to spam ranked games, but play something else for a while. Customes, FFA, Campaigns, learn a new civ in vs AI or QM. Or just play a new game for a while altogether. It’s good to have a break. Even Meth heads have a day off the pipe


In Rocket League, ranked is down for around 30 minutes between seasons. So yes, your statement might be correct, but the duration of the downtime can be a lot shorter than AoE 4’s.

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And league of legends has an entire 2 months dedicated to a seasonal patch cycle where ranked is meaningless for 60+ days. Different games, different dev sizes, different downtime needs.

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omg 10 threads complaining about the same damn thing. we know! everybody knows, just play QM for the time being.


in my last 4 matches 3 ran as soon as they lost the first fight in qm.

Literally none of the other Age games do.

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