Alt-f4 - how to get rid of the issue?

This is the alt-f4 issue in the ranked tg ladder:
People dodge matches, before they start, by pressing alt-f4 and closing the game.
All participants in the lobby will have to requeue and wait until another match is found.
Often the error “failed to join match” is shown.
If people queue over and over again with the person who dodges, they spend a lot of time waiting for a match instead of playing.

Common reasons for a person to dodge are:

  1. He doesn’t like to play a certain map
  2. His teammates don’t pick the position/civs he likes to play with
  3. He tries to improve his winrate/rating by cancelling matches based on this teammates rating

What other reasons do people have to dodge by alt-f4?
What are your ideas to get rid of the issue?

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