Alternate Age Up Mechanic for Romans

This is just my passing thought, but what if instead of a normal age up where Romans advanced from Dark Age to Imperial Age they instead start from Imperial Age but with huge amount of debt in resources. So the only way to get your resources back is to either work with the villagers you already have, or go back one age to get the few resources you want. Of course you can always go back further to get more resources if you want.
I doubt any of this is going to get implemented anyways, I’m just wondering if this system could work.

Sorry, what?.. you propose that romans start with negative resources and could downgrade their age to obtain resources?

I think it is a terrible idea, but what do you want to achieve with this?


I mean, you could make out of this an interesting scenario


Cool idea for sure, but yeah probably will never work for real. Could work in a custom senario though and i’d be intrigued to see it.


+1 to this, this is the worst idea yet.


I agree this is a bad idea. If you can provide the CODE I’ll be less on your case about this

I’d like something like this as a scenario. maybe you need to re-research each age or you revert to the previous one. I don’t think it belongs into normal RM (just like Romans in general)

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It’s just my thought on how to simulate Romans failing economy & their decline.

At least provide a reason as to why it’s terrible.

I’m not a modder, this is just me wondering if this age up mechanic could work.

Yes, this is what I meant.

Simple its complete opposite of how the game is designed.You have to age UP not age down.why would anyone want to downgrade from paladin to a knight?

Simpler way to show the decline of an civilization is to give a powerful feudal or castle age and a horrible imperial age.


sound very counter intuitive gameplay wise.


It could not work.

Basically you are immediately forced to go back an earlier age when the game starts, since the negative resources mean that you cannot afford even a single new Villager. However when you hit the Castle age from the Imperial age, you suddenly get at least 1000 food and 800 gold as the refund in the very early stage.

At this point, everything depends on how huge the amount of “debt” is.
If the refund can pay the debt off and even remain some, than it is equivalent that you start the game in the Castle age and the other players start still in the Dark.
If the refund still cannot pay the debt off, then you are immediately forced to go back an earlier age again and repeat the situation. Can pay off, you start in the Feudal; Cannot, go back to the Dark.

The debt must be able to get paid off if you have to go back to the Dark, otherwise the mechanic is completely broken. However in the Dark, you will be the weak one in the game, since you haven’t trained any new Villager when you finally hit the Dark. A lot of time is wasted going back.

All of this isn’t even talking about technologies. Do you have Elite Centurions at the beginning? Or is everything still starting from scratch except the ages? This further complicates the issue.


I can’t say any numbers since this is just my passing thought, but the resources that you got from de-aging imo should be more than enough for you to enter Feudal earlier than usual.

Now here’s the twist, you start with all technology researched, but if you go back to the Castle age, all tech from the Imperial age are reset & so on. With this your villager should be more efficient than others on one minute mark, you also get Light Cavalry from the get go.

The game cant un research technology and if it could it would be a nightmare to work out in AGE assuming thats still the main modding program


Its terrible because its way too weird, way too complicated to balance/design, and completely unnecessary


I don’t think there’s any possible balance.

If the debt can be paid off just in the Castle or Feudal age, even no resources remained, you will still have a huge advantage on age. When your more advanced military units, like Knights, appear, other players may not have reached the Feudal age yet.

If the debt must be paid off in the Dark age, even resources (obviously less than 500 food) are remained, you will be behind since a lot of time is wasted for aging down rather than trainning Villagers. You might have to use the remaining food to try to advance to Feudal as early as possible, but at this point your already severe poverty will be exacerbated.

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actually you can win the game right at the start with a light cav with imperial age smithing. so why even go back ages? that unit can solo your enemy.

Find their scout? You win! You can literally patrol their TC and pick off villagers doing 9 dmg per hit if they dont early loom.
Catching up on resources is also not too hard since you have Hand cart, bow saw and shaft mining


Well, that’s something new I learn today.

LMAO, that’s certainly a possible strategy

This is where the amount of resources need to be decided, also aging down should be a lot faster than aging up (almost instant if possible).

Assume that the debt is 2000 food and 1000 gold, which forces you back to the Dark, then you do so instantly and there is 300 food remained. Well, how is this different from starting the game as usual with an extra 100 food?

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or you could stop at Feudal since your vills already have all the upgrades necessary to catch up with the others that start on Dark age from the beginning. Or…

Play micro like this guy, harass enemy base with your Imperial or Castle age Light cav.

Since there is still -200 food in the Feudal, you cannot train any new Villagers until gathering 250 food.
Even you might have feudal economic techs, only the initial 3 Villagers still bring a bad opening.
I think most of players would still choose the Dark age with 300 food, which is a simple advantage compared to others.
That is why I say the age you stop totally depends on the amount of the debt.

I guess he mentioned this because this is really broken, awful and annoying. So don’t take it as a nice feature of this mechanic.