Alternative champion castle unique units buffs

Are these buff to these units good to off set the champion buff with Gambesons?

Many alternative champion castle unique units have been buffed in the 2023-04 patch. Elite Jaguar Warrior, 2 base pierce armor, (essentially free Gambesons for Jaguar Warrior) Elite Woad Raider now has 85 HP and 14 attack. Samurai, 10 food cheaper, 10 gold cheaper Teutonic knights (not really champion, but nice) Serjeants been buffed (more caslte age HP, and have a cheaper upgrade cost) they already have huge pierce armor. The Berserk has been buffed. To some degree with Berserkergang being incorporated into the elite upgrade. They are overall the least affected.

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Personally I would have given the Jag +1 Attack and the Woad +1PA, but I guess this is fine.
Samurai could still recieve something. They are still more expensive than Champs and only better in rare cases.
I’d propose an additional +1MA&PA for Elite or alternatively +10% movement and Attack speed

Some of them are. Some are not.

That’s wrong. It is totally free from Castle Age.

Add Heavy Infantry Tag. Apply Gambeson to all Heavy Infantry. Easy.

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