Alternative Mexico Strats 1v1

It seems like most people are doing an aggressive Central America revolt, Central America FI or land grab hacienda booming and none of those strats are particularly fun to me. I’m curious if people have alternative openings/ build orders they have found (mainly for 1v1 supremacy)

An opening I have been trying is sending 2vils + hacienda → 1 hacienda → the card that gives 3vills per hacienda. It gives 10 vills/vill equivalents from shipments so it’s more or less the same as Germany sending 2sw → 3sw but it takes an extra shipment so I’m not sure its good (though it is very easy to send 2 age 1 shipments)

I also think they could be a pretty good ATP civ since they get 2 explorers that can build tp and you can send the Padre to a forward hacienda near a tp to build it and you also get cheap pikes to siege down your opponents tp if they take one.

Rushing with the 9 Comanche shipment seems decent too since it has roughly the same damage to vills as 7.3 bow riders.

I’ve mainly been trying age 2 play but am curious if people have found them good for FF/Semi-FF strats.

It’s equivalent of 10v with 3 cards which while not terrible isn’t that great, you’d be better off using land grab instead of 1 hacienda and building at least another 2, it’d cost you the same amount of cards but you’d get a few more villagers worth.

I don’t think they’re a particularly strong ATP civ, compare them to portugal which will have the full tp line before age 2 and instantly research stagecoach upon age up while you don’t even get your second explorer until age 2.

The comanche I do really like, not for rushing but for raiding villagers. They work well with that padre which you can use to heal them from any tc fire they received while raiding.

1 funny strat I do in casual games is to go with the 1st age up and use land grab to get all the haciendas then ship 24 mayan javelineers and have each of your 6 haciendas spawn 350f, it’s too slow in ranked at decent level though.

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