Alternative Relic Abilities, like Mass Inspire for HRE?

It could be interesting to open the door to new relic abilities. Right now, using prelates to inspire units feels unwieldy. Already being a relic heavy faction, a superpowered mass inspire could be an interesting mechanic for HRE prelates to utilize for their armies deeper into the game.

Edit: by relic abilities, I mean when a religious unit is holding a relic. So, an alternative to an ability such as mass conversion.


Honestly, I like this idea for HRE.
a timed super wololo that buffs everyone on your side in radius by like 2 armor and 25% damage for a short period of ~10-20 seconds, and is meant for a breakthrough attack. This is a cool inversion of converting, that fits with the HRE in this regard.

My idea was just make inspiration permanent or last longer, like 4-6 minutes. So you have MAA coming out the racks getting holy water splashed on their face.

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Passive or active ability? I would prefer passive.

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I’m thinking as an active ability, and that’s mainly to prevent the buff from being lost due to a mass target on the prelate. Although, a passive might work as well if treated similar to the yam network-- a lingering buff.

I really wish the devs looked at AoEO for inspiration for priests. Every civ has a way to heal and convert but there are scattered across the priests in AoEO’s civs all other sorts of powers — empowering Econ, buffing military units, debuffing enemies, inflicting chaos, boosting the civ with animal sacrifices, spawning ravens to scout, plus healing single units, multiple units either in or out of combat, solo convert plus mass convert, and converting buildings. It’s really diverse and asymmetric and also helps flesh civs out.

I assumed that mass conversion would only be one of multiple possible relic abilities and I was disappointed to find out I was wrong.

Adding multiple AoE abilities that all use a shared cooldown would be interesting because it would add more tactical options.

Some ideas:

  • AoE healing
  • AoE buff (inspire for HRE)
  • AoE debuff of the enemy
  • AoE improve movement speed

This should be a feature for every civilisation not just HRE.



Such a good one!

I will say there actually are more monk abilities that people seem to forget about.
Such as:

Dehli Scholars:


But I do think some of the other civs are completely lacking in the Monk department. (they have zero unique techs)

I do think that every civ should at least have some kind of unique Monk interactions/abilites.
I don’t think they should all be the same.


Don’t get me wrong, I love the prelates, but in the current game they’re kinda lacking. On top of the mass inspire, I think the faction should be able to use an ability to reveal the location of a relic. This way they can use all the new ideas for what they can do with relics. I’m not a balance expert so I’m not sure what would make it fair. Maybe they can use it once per age or once per X amount of time.

Another problem with the HRE is that they are considered an early religion faction but they can’t pick up relics until Castle. I get that prelates early are good for inspiration, but that’s literally the only major thing they get during the prior ages. They can already garrison relics in docks and outposts, so why not let them do it earlier? Even feudal era seems fine to me, just anything to make the HRE more viable.

That’s actually what I was expecting with the HRE when I first played them

I would rather have the prelate inspire multiple units without the relic. The current inspire is so unlikely to kick in.
The Delhi priest buff through heal is so much more likely to actually come into play, it’s insane.